George and Jeanne:

Attached please find a photo of Maggie's big walleye---thanks to George's
advice (and the 'deep diver' minnows!!!).  We are having copies made, and
will send them to you via regular mail next week.  Photos will include a
number of photos of Maggie with the fish, a photo of her with the fisdh by
your sign outside the lodge, and a photo of the fish on the measuring tape.
Maggie has entered the fish in the NOTO contest (we faxed you the entry
form), and we hope she will be a winner!  The fish was exactly 32 inches
long, and weighed just over 12 pounds on a good scale.  We are going to
have this put into our local paper's outdoor page, and will provide your
name, phone, e-mail, etc. in the text; hope it is helpful to you.  Please
feel free to use her photo(s) where ever you would like.  If you would like
us to make a color negative of any of the photos (some are brochure
quality) we send, please let us know.  As we are also part-time outdoor
writers, you will probably see your establisment's name mentioned in some
of our future writings.
Thank you again so much for your hospitality and friendliness, for your
good fishing advice, and for freezing our fish!! 

Dave and Magie Kelch

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